Road ecology blog: roadkilled red fox (Vulpes vulpes) kits, Montana, USA

June 25, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Last weekend I found two dead red fox (Vulpes vulpes) kits on a road in central Montana. These are not the same red fox kits I have photographed earlier. This is around the time the adults stop feeding the young red foxes and the kits start venturing away from the den to feed for themselves. There are lots of dangers to young animals that are newly independent, and roads and cars are obviously among them. In this situation it appears that two siblings got killed by a car on the same spot, probably at the same time. Click here for more images of the two roadkilled red fox kits.

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Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) kit roadkill, Montana, USARed fox (Vulpes vulpes) kit roadkill, Montana, USA


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