Backyard wildlife in Missoula, Montana: Pine siskins (Carduelis pinus)

May 25, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Pine siskins (Carduelis pinus) are by far the most abundant species on the bird feeder over the past few weeks. I have counted as many as 25 individual birds feeding on the feeder or on the ground below the feeder at the same time. They will fight each other for a position on the bird feeder, and they will also take on slightly larger species such as the American goldfinch and try and scare them from the bird feeder by flying towards them. Over the past few weeks some of the pine siskins have become much more accepting of me. Most of them still fly away as soon as I get within 7-8 yards or so, but some individuals are fine with me walking by at about 4 yards; they will look at me to make sure I am do not develop into a threat but they won't fly away. Click here for the most recent images of pine siskins in our backyard.

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Backyard wildlife: Pine siskin (Carduelis pinus), Missoula, Montana, USAPine siskin (Carduelis pinus), Missoula, Montana, USA





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