10 things I learned during the course

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10 things I learned during the 4x4 recover course by Bill Burke:

1. These vehicles are very capable... steep terrain, rocks, loose sand, scary side ward slopes.
2. Practical recommendations for tire pressure F/R on Highway (60/65 PSI), Gravel (50/55) and on rocks/sand/snow surface (30/35).
2. Maxtrax are extremely useful as a first tool when you get stuck in sand, mud, snow: quick, easy, safe compared to winching. Need 4 of them.
3. I rather carry a Pull Pal than dig in a spare tire as an anchor for winching. An 11,000# pull pall did the job in loose sand with van stuck up a slope. Other circumstances may require heavier duty pull pall, I just don't have experience to really know.
4. Hawse fairlead is not great for synthetic winch line... they eat more of the line than I am happy with. I will get roller fairlead (though some people worry about the rope getting stuck between the rollers).
5. The winch should really be front mounted, not feet down. May need to get custom plate made and reinstall.
6. The hi-lift jack is only of very limited use with these heavy vehicles. For sure I cannot lift rear tires with that jack.... simply too heavy for this tool and me. Not sure about front tires... You may still consider the jack for manual winching off rear receiver to back out of something (in combination with driving back wards).
7. Receiver recovery hitch is useful when manually winching backwards and when pulling someone else out.
8. Winching requires training and regular practice. Take this very seriously.
9. The Bubba kinetic recovery rope recommendation on the website is different from what was recommended during course. Get the 30,000#, not 50,000#.
10. I should learn how to plug a tire.

4x4 recovery course with Bill Burke, Anza Borrego Desert State P4x4 recovery course with Bill Burke, Anza Borrego Desert State P4x4 recovery course with Bill Burke, Anza Borrego Desert State Park, California, USA

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